Housing Survey

Survey Information and Link

Edmonton Pride Seniors Group is working to create a housing facility for seniors. To this end, a housing development committee has been formed. The initial task is to determine the actual demand for this development. The linked questionnaire intends to:

  • Identify individuals and households that might be interested in moving into the development
  • Determine the importance of various seniors housing features
  • Determine financial considerations/constraints
  • Determine their anticipated time of moving into such a development

As well, the linked questionnaire provides more information in regards to the purpose of the survey and steps taken by EPSG until now.

If you have any questions about this survey or want more information, please contact Lynn Hannely of the Communitas Group which is working with our housing development committee on this project.

Phone: 780.482.5467

Email: lhannely@communitas.ca

The survey has been re-opened for more respondents!