Edmonton Pride Senior Group (EPSG) is a group of volunteers (mostly Queer and older) that initially got together in 2014/15 and continue to meet to this day

EPSG’s major purpose is to ensure quality, appropriate and sensitive services, programs and housing for older LGBTQ2S+ persons in Edmonton and surrounding area.

Because ESPG is not a registered society it functions as an informal/formal group with support from Sage Edmonton.  Sage Edmonton sponsors grant applications, banks money received and pays invoices based on ESPG agreement and according to the Grant proposal.  The arrangement continues to be very advantageous for ESPG.

Over the past years EPSG has undertaken a number of initiatives:

  • Survey of older Queers in Edmonton (2014/15)
  • 2015 symposium on survey results and next actions
  • Development of a learning module on Queer seniors as a training module for front line staff in Senior centres, programs and housing.
  • Advocating with Governments, government departments and political parties
  • Completed two Intergenerational Projects (Knowledge to Action) which includes official reports, a booklet, and video

In the 2019/20 year EPSG has undertaken two initiatives:

1.  Phase 1 and 2 of a Housing Feasibility Study for older GLBTQ2S+ persons

2.  Tri-city Proposal to Engage LGBRQ2S+ Older Adults in Reducing Social Isolation, (Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton)

If you would like to know more or to join ESPG please contact us!