April 1, 2019

Edmonton Pride Seniors Group Notes at SAGE – Apr 1, 2019
Attendees: Dave Gilbert, Thais McKee, Michael Phair, Quinn Posch, Jan Schmitz, Alvin Schrader, Robert Smith, Michelle
Smook, Eric Storey, Laurie Winder.
Regrets: Sydney Goss (on leave), Tammy Horne, Larry Jewell, James Lavoy, Ken MacDonald, Blair MacKinnon,

  1. Welcome and Introductions –
  2. GEF Presentation – Eric and Larry presented at 2:30 on March 19/19 to residents of Kiwanis Place (GEF). Larry and Peni
    were there to answer questions. Michelle reported that the event was well attended by both staff and residents. Excellent
    stories and discussion.
    Michael has received an email request for a presentation from McQueen GEF. Further information will be provided.
  3. Tri City Project – The proposal has been approval. See attached notes. Michael will contact the other two cities to suggest
    a fall meeting with one or two people from each city as well as a final meeting at the end of the project which could include
    a symposium. He will look for a writer to pull notes from all three cities and there is a possibility of creating a video.
    Locally, we need to set up a subcommittee and meet to discuss the details. It is anticipated that the project will work
    similar to the housing feasibility study process with 3 – 4 outreach meetings. Eric, Michael, Laurie, Thais, and Alvin will meet
    Wednesday April 10th at 4:00 pm. Quinn and Michael will meet to discuss the Pride Centre senior outreach worker
    involvement. The final proposal is attached. Great job Alvin.
    Roberta is a Winnipeg contact and recommends Ellie as the key person. Saskatoon’s contact is Krystal. The members
    discussed the project’s success being subject to everyone’s creative brainstorming, keeping the funder informed, and
  4. Edmonton Pride Centre – Quinn advised the senior outreach worker position application posting is closed. Laurie, Eric
    and Michael will assist in the review of applications.
    Quinn presented an update on the Pride Centre. It is recommended that all members take out a membership with the
    pride centre and go to the AGM. There will be an open meeting on Saturday April 6 from 2 to 4 at the Central Lions Centre.
    Two facilitators will lead the meeting. Great job Quinn.
  5. Housing Feasibility Study Update – Robert distributed the final report. Comments can be submitted by Tuesday at noon
    and then the report will be submitted to the city.
    Michael will meet with Michael Walters to discuss next steps. Robert will meet with Mark Holmgren from Edmonton
    Community Development Foundation.
  6. Other
    -Eric’s name has been put forward for a board position at the Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council.

Intergenerational booklet – Michael will get a supply to Thais. Jan will forward the electronic copy.

Michael’s board position with Sage will end in June.

Pride Week/parade – there is a meeting Thursday evening at Mckernan Community hall at 7:00pm.

Lauren has applied to the PHd program and may not be available for freelancing.

Age Friendly Edmonton Newsletter – Ann Goldblat wrote this email. See attached.

Faculty of Extension is working on a process of becoming seniors friendly and is looking for a person to serve 3-4 meeting
per year. Thais is interested.

Video – The city is to do some final edits. Michael will follow up.
-Senior Center without Walls phone in is on Wednesday and Larry would appreciate if you could phone in.

Next Meeting – 4:30 May 6, 2019 – Michael and Robert sends regrets. Eric will chair.

Next Next Meeting – 4:30 June 3, 2019 –

Notes prepared by Jan Schmitz


Age Friendly Edmonton Newsletter

Housing Feasibility Study Update