April 14, 2014

 LGBTT Seniors Housing Notes at SAGE   –      April 14, 2014 

Attendees: Michael Phair, Jan Schmitz, Robert Smith, Eric Story, David Ushko

Regrets: Julian Daly, Larry Jewell, Thais McKee, Jerry Toews, Mickey Wilson

  1. Welcome
  2. Updates

Red Deer Conference – Michael and Eric submitted a proposal “Is the door open for gay and lesbian seniors” to the Gray Matters Conference (2 day event) in Red Deer in October this year.  The conference is geared toward provincial service providers.  On Friday, Michael received a note that the proposal was accepted.  The members congradulated Michael and Eric on their brilliant work.

Grant Application – The survey section in the grant was approved and the symposioum was not.

The money has been cofirmed and Roger from SAGE will administer the money on behalf of the group.  Robert and Michael will discuss with available consultants to begin the needs assessment.

Robert will follow up with the Edmonton Community Foundation to see is there is any funds available for the symposium with a target date in October or November 2014.

  1. Next Steps
  • With apologies, Julian was missed on the email blast advising of the meeting. Michael will contact Julian

Next Meeting – Monday May 5, 2014 at Sage at 4:00pm.  Doors locked at 3:59pm.

Notes prepared by Jan Schmitz