May 20, 2014

LGBTT Senior’s Notes

May 20, 2014 Meeting

Attendees:  Robert Smith, Michael Phair, Eric Storey, Larry Jewell

Regrets:  Jan Schmitz, David Ushko, Julian Daly, Thais McKee, Mickey Wilson, Jerry Toews

  1. Welcome

Guests—Ann Goldblatt, Tami Horne

  1. Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council grant is being processed. (N.B. Funding was received by SAGE today!)
  1. Michael and Robert will follow up with Edmonton Community Foundation regarding funds for a symposium which will build on the currently funded symposium.
  1. The symposium will be designated as the Sherry McKibben Symposium.
  1. Robert and Michael met with Ann Goldblatt to offer her the consulting opportunity to implement ‘Into the Closet Again, Needs Assessment: Housing for GLBTQ Seniors’.

An agreement finalized through SAGE has been completed and Ann Goldblatt will be the consultant for this project.  Robert and Eric agreed to be the contacts from our group with Ann.

  1. Ann Goldblatt attended the meeting with Tami Horne who will work with Ann. Ann and Tami led a discussion on some directions/points of the survey.  Further discussion will take place at the next meeting.
  1. The next meeting will likely be towards the end of June.

Notes prepared by Michael Phair

May 21, 2014

April 14, 2014

 LGBTT Seniors Housing Notes at SAGE   –      April 14, 2014 

Attendees: Michael Phair, Jan Schmitz, Robert Smith, Eric Story, David Ushko

Regrets: Julian Daly, Larry Jewell, Thais McKee, Jerry Toews, Mickey Wilson

  1. Welcome
  2. Updates

Red Deer Conference – Michael and Eric submitted a proposal “Is the door open for gay and lesbian seniors” to the Gray Matters Conference (2 day event) in Red Deer in October this year.  The conference is geared toward provincial service providers.  On Friday, Michael received a note that the proposal was accepted.  The members congradulated Michael and Eric on their brilliant work.

Grant Application – The survey section in the grant was approved and the symposioum was not.

The money has been cofirmed and Roger from SAGE will administer the money on behalf of the group.  Robert and Michael will discuss with available consultants to begin the needs assessment.

Robert will follow up with the Edmonton Community Foundation to see is there is any funds available for the symposium with a target date in October or November 2014.

  1. Next Steps
  • With apologies, Julian was missed on the email blast advising of the meeting. Michael will contact Julian

Next Meeting – Monday May 5, 2014 at Sage at 4:00pm.  Doors locked at 3:59pm.

Notes prepared by Jan Schmitz

May 1, 2017

Edmonton Pride Seniors Group Notes at SAGE – May 1, 2017

Attendees: Dave Gilbert, Sydney Goss, Tammy Horne, Larry Jewell, Thais McKee, Michael Phair, Stephen Quinn, Jan Schmitz, Alvin Schrader,  Robert Smith, Eric Story.

Regrets: Julian Daly,

  1. Welcome – Welcome to Stephen Quinn.
  1. Minutes (March 27 Meeting)- no changes. Michael is working on getting the group Email address through sage.
  2. Learning Module – Sydney, Eric continue to work on the module updates including a simplified power point, 1 hour maximum lesson, shorter video possibly the Pink Sweater series which is a telus production. The materials will be tested before taking them out to the public.

Greater Edmonton Foundation – Michael had set up a meeting at the end of May to introduce our group and materials in an attempt to get into their many centers. Was serendipitously at a breakfast meeting and met the executive director Jackie Ells.

Southminster-Steinhauer United Church and Edmonton Seniors Center are affirming.  Ashbury is going to have an official affirming ceremony in Mid may.

  1. Other Updates

EGALE—Sydney advised that 8 people from Alberta filled in the demographic data survey.   She passed around a copy of Crossing the Rainbow Bridge pamphlet on end of life planning.  The Egale coordinator will be coming to Alberta this summer.  There will be a national conference in the fall and Sydney suggested that maybe Edmonton would be chosen to present.  Alvin will be in Toronto during that time.

City Committee Presentation—Michael presented.  The report was received for information.  It seemed supported.  No sense of reservation from the counselors.  The questions were appropriate.  Michael will write a thank you note to the committee for accepting the report.

Meeting with Minster Miranda and MLAs—Alvin and Michael met with the Ministers and the MLAs on Apr 11 and gave them an update on what we are doing.  They discussed housing regulations and process and Alberta Health study LGBT survey they are undertaking.  Contact the minister’s office directly for more information. Linkages to other seniors groups (not LGBT) will be sent to the group.

Calgary and Sharp Foundation—Michael has had some contact with Calgary’s Sharp foundation (similar to Living Positively Edmonton) and they have applied for national funding to hold an Alberta session.  One of the pillars of the Canada 150 funding is inclusiveness. Michael let Minister Sigorson office know that they have received their application.  Possible dates are Aug 28 and Sep 4.  Grants are approved monthly so we should know fairly soon.  See attached email.

Stories, Library—Michael received an email from the Public Library requesting story tellers. Anyone interested can repond directly. See attached email.

Camrose Presentation October 3—Michael advised FCSS in Camrose as asked us to come talk.  Robert will assist.  There will be two sessions. One for the people involved in social services and one for the older GLTB.

Edmonton Seniors Coordinating  Council AGM—Michael and Scott McKeen spoke at their AGM.  Approximately 60 people there. Depression and isolation were common themes.  This is a large organization for organizing senior servicing agencies and they meet once a month.

U of A Alumni Pride Group – had a film screening (Cloudburst) at the Metro.  Michael spoke before the film and recruited 8 people for the intergenerational project.

  1. Intergenerational Project

Changes at Sage –The admin person is gone and Sage will be hiring a new one shortly.

Update on process and timing—Thaya handed out a page that identifies the changes.  See attached. There is a movement from the alt right to go after GSA’s and they are no longer a safe social structure for kids. The youth for our project must be chosen carefully. 16 to 18 years old.  We do not want to be attacked for coopting the youth. Fire Fly graduates are a possibility. Targeting July 5 for the session.

Additional older glbtq participants – All members are to provide phone number contact information for their suggested participants.

  1. Other – NIL
  2. Meeting dates:

June 5, 4:30pm at SAGE

July 10, 4:30pm at SAGE

Notes prepared by Jan Schmitz

Canada 150

March 27, 2017

Edmonton Pride Seniors Group Notes at SAGE – Mar 27, 2017

Attendees: Sydney Goss, Larry Jewell, Thais McKee, Michael Phair, Jan Schmitz, Robert Smith, Eric Story.

Regrets: Julian Daly, Dave Gilbert, Tammy Horne, Cameron Rycroft, Alvin Schrader, Mickey Wilson

  1. Welcome – Welcome.
  1. Brunch meeting – notes previously sent by email
  1. Learning Module

– The members discussed the changes at the Pride Centre.

– Michael will follow up with Kristy to make the power point presentation simpler

– Eric and Sydney presented the module and have suggestions for a presenter’s package.  Eric will create a draft.

  1. Intergenerational Learning Update

– First session is postponed till April 5.  Things are moving along.  The Digital Centre is a great space for this project. Owen has been great to work with.

  1. Other

Eric and Robert met with Ingrid from the City.  Ingrid has prepared a report to present to council on Apr 3.  Michael will speak to it.  All are welcome to attend the meeting.

Michael will meet with Minister Miranda at 4:45 on April 3.

Michael and Larry will present a session in Camrose in September.

  1. EGALE

Syd has a telephone meeting set for tomorrow night.

  1. Other

Eric suggested that the group have an email address through SAGE.  Michael will attend to this.

A business card size advertisement was placed in the Edmonton Vocal Minority concert program.

The GBLTT Seniors Housing Steering Committee contact list was updated.

  1. Next Meeting – Monday May 1, 4:30pm at SAGE. Eric sends his regrets

Monday June 5, at 4:30 at SAGE.

Notes prepared by Jan Schmitz

November 25, 2015

LGBTT Seniors Housing Notes at SAGE – Nov 25, 2015

Attendees: Dave Gilbert, Alexis Hillyard, Thais McKee , Michael Phair, Jan Schmitz, Eric Story

Regrets: Julian Daly, Larry Jewell, Alvin Schrader, Robert Smith, Mickey Wilson.

  1. Welcome.
  1. Notes from Oct 21 – no changes.
  1. Ottawa Survey – postponed for Larry and Alvin.
  2. Marginalized group- Dave advised that the group met on Nov 4. See attached notes of meeting.
  3. Education Training Project – A midway meeting will be set up with Kristy in January.
  1. Housing –

Alvin – Met with the 519 Centre in Toronto. They have policies and a manual and the city has updated the manual. There is not much additional information available. No separate organization or housing.

Robert – postponed.

Michael – Made inquiries on Airport lands.  No information to present at this time.

There does not seem to be much else going on in Canada.  Some initial discussions percolating in Halifax and St, John.

  1. EGALE – Canadian National Seniors Advisory Committee – Mathew approached Michael regarding forming an advisory group working out of Toronto. Alvin met with Mathew. Committee is at concept stage.  Mathew is in transition.  Will ponder if there is a need to advocate at a federal level.
  1. Other – “Walk With Me” Walk in March – We are presenting in it thanks to Michael

– March 10-11, 2016 in Edmonton

– Thea, Alvin and Michael are presenting

Tasked with finding people who would like to share their experiences with being in care and in the closet or having difficulties being out

Continuing Care

17 Recommendations:

#11 – Opportunity: Ensure annual training and evaluation of person –centered care at the organization and system level.


Demonstrate appreciation on competency to address cultural diversity and tradition, as well as gender awareness to the needs of the LBGTQ population

Final to be released hopefully in January/February

  1. Next Meeting – Monday January 18, 4:30pm at SAGE.

Notes prepared by Jan Schmitz

October 21, 2015

LGBTT Seniors Housing Notes at SAGE – October 21, 2015

Attendees: Dave Gilbert, Michael Phair, Jan Schmitz, Alvin Schrader, Robert Smith, Mickey Wilson,

Regrets: Alexis Hillyard, Julian Daly, Larry Jewell, Thais McKee, Eric Story

  1. Welcome.
  1. Notes from Sep 9 – no changes.
  2. Information

– Ottawa Survey – tabled till next meeting

– National Conference – Michael submitted a proposal with Eric, Thaya and Michael as presenters.  The Capital Care conference will be Mar 10 and 11, 2016

– Policy on Dementia – AB Health – Michael presented input on updating the current policy drafted in 2002 and will be involved in the future action plan.  Three major areas were identified.  The policy hopes to be completed by the end of November and may require ministerial consent.  Mid-January is targeted for future work on the action plan.

  1. Marginalized group- Dave advised that the group met on Sept 29. They are still trying to find a poster supplier. The committee reviewed: social media exposure and can piggy back on the Pride Centre website, a variety of information such as survey links etc.  Dave will review the survey for question extraction.  The committee wants to filter information by section if a link is used.  They are also looking at informal opportunities such as coffee meetings, cultural diners, church gatherings etc.  Marylyn Hooper will be available to help with committee work in the start of the new year.
  2. Education Training Project –

Jan reported that Kristy advised that things are going well and she is a bit behind schedule. She will have more time set aside in November to catch up.  She is working on the resources based on some of the key documents developed for Toronto.  She has had some success in reaching out to people with experience in senior’s orgs but is keeping that time allotment low (as the group suggested).  Kristy sends her regards to the group.

The group says carry on Kristy. Jan and Eric are to determine if Kristy should present to the group or not at the next meeting.

  1. Housing – The group discussed permanent housing possibilities for folk after they stay in their home as long as possible.

– Purchase – $1-2 Million for a 12 – 15 unit building

– Edmonton Inner City Housing Society (EICHS) – potential to partner if a guarantee keeping the place full.

– Private Building – have people invest in a building.  Non Profit organization. Geared toward care.  Residents would pay for this.  Ashbourn model.  Residents would pay a determined amount and live there for their lifetime.

– Existing facility – work with a multiple wing or building facility or build a new wing. Hope that Kristy can weed out those buildings.

– Transitional place – residents can make the move before they have to. Develop relationships with others.  Eventually the community starts taking care of itself.

– Have a model that can be taken over by some other future group/organization. A huge task to build it, run it and it is forever.

Alvin will investigate GLBTQ housing that exists elsewhere in Canada and will specifically meet with the 519 Centre in Toronto when he is in Toronto in the next couple of weeks.

Robert will put together some models.

Michael will inquire about airport lands.

  1. Other – nil
  2. Next Meeting – Wednesday November 25, 4:30pm at SAGE.

Notes prepared by Jan Schmitz

September 9, 2015

LGBTT Seniors Housing Notes at SAGE – Sept 9, 2015

Attendees: Dave Gilbert, Alexis Hillyard, Thais McKee, Michael Phair, Jan Schmitz, Alvin Schrader , Robert Smith, Eric Story,

Special Guest: Kristy Harcourt

Regrets: Julian Daly, Larry Jewell, Mickey Wilson

  1. Welcome and introduction of Kristy Harcourt, contract position.
  1. Minutes from July 27 – no changes.
  2. Marginalized group- Dave advised that he is arranging a meeting with the group, possibly on the 21st and that he may have a contact to do the posters. Pixel Blue from the Design College was recommended.
  3. Long Term Options –

– Pegasus Project Grant – Michael met with Roger from SAGE.  Part of their project will involve work with Mickey and Roger hopes some of the Seniors Housing work will fit into their project.  Approval has not yet been given.

  1. Contract Position – Michael met with Roger for the contract position. Sage will provide office space and computer if required. The contract was finalized and Kristy received it in the mail yesterday.
  2. Thoughts and discussion with Kristy on educational project – Kristy presented a detailed project plan.
  3. Other – Thank you to Robert for hosting the meeting.
  4. Next Meeting – Wednesday October 21, 4:30pm at SAGE.

Notes prepared by Jan Schmitz

July 27, 2015

LGBTT Seniors Housing Notes at SAGE   –      July 27, 2015 

Attendees: Dave Gilbert, Larry Jewell, Thais McKee, Michael Phair, Jan Schmitz, Alvin Schrader , Robert Smith, Eric Story,

Regrets: Julian Daly, Alexis Hillyard, Mickey Wilson

  1. Welcome
  1. Minutes from June 15 – no changes
  1. Project—Materials development/Training
  • Hiring process – Alvin reviewed applicant resumes and screened three candidates. Eric, Robert, and Thais interviewed the candidates. Christy Harcourt has accepted the position and will begin the first week of August.
  • Sage support – Roger Lange has shown options for work spaces. Michael will work with Roger to ensure money is available, a payout schedule and if there are funds for workshop expenses.
  • Supervision etc. – Eric and Jan will meet with Christy next week to review work completed to date.
  • Information on materials – Robert has information materials to provide to the existing library stored by Jan.
  • Other – Congratulations and thank you to all. It is Sherry McKibbens birthday today and hiring a staff member on this date is a remarkable feat.
  1. Marginalized Committee aka LGBTQ Seniors Housing Sub Committee of Marginalized Persons
  • Update – Dave and Judy Moore met. Agreed on 6 definitions
  • 80+
  • Low economic
  • Non Caucasians including native
  • Trans
  • Persons with major health issues and differently abled
  • Non binary gender section including cross dressing population

Future activities include

1) Contact knowledgeable people in the community,

2) use social media,

3) Physical posters where seniors amalgamate

Various committee members suggested: seniors on the move for cost of posters, Connect of Aging newsletters, 6 senior centers, Lions, bulletin boards at select grocery stores, using outreach as possible language.

  1. Alzheimer input – Michael has volunteered to assist
  1. Long term options
  • Covenant Program/Grant – possible source of funding. Michael and Alvin will meet on Thursday to explore options
  • Pegasis Project/Grant – another possible source. Sage is working with Edm Pride Centre.  Possible to fit within their scope.  Funding to be issued before election.
  1. Other – Feasibility study completed on Seniors ride share app. Originally the study was targeting single seniors needing assistance.  Study showed there are usually 4 – 7 key people who tend to the needs and those helpers want the app.  Sage board will study further.

– Social Planning Council session was discussed.

– Sherry McKibben Mojito Golf annual fundraiser – Aug 28 at Countryside Golf Course at 2: pm.  Dinner and silent auction to follow if you don’t wish to golf.  Please promote.

  1. Next Meeting – September 9th at 5pm. Location to be announced.

Notes prepared by Jan Schmitz

June 15, 2015

LGBTT Seniors Housing Notes at SAGE   –      June 15, 2015 

Attendees: Dave Gilbert, Alexis Hillyard, Larry Jewell, Thais McKee, Michael Phair, Jan Schmitz, Alvin Schrader , Robert Smith, Eric Story,

Regrets: Julian Daly,  Mickey Wilson

  1. Welcome
  1. Minutes from May 25 – no changes
  1. Subcommittee on Marginalized Groups Update – Dave will meet with Mickey and will approach the volunteers and set up a meeting. Marylyn Hooper has joined the volunteer group. English not first language may be a possible group addition.
  1. Educational/training information materials or references for Inclusive Spaces Contract (all members)

Larry continues to work with Ottawa for their material

Eric presented a LBGT Tool kit from Toronto.  Home Care Access Home Team from York University completed a presentation in May.  The resource material will be published soon and will be sent to Eric.

Thaya advises that New York Sage charges a fee for their materials.  Tim Johnson is willing to review our materials on his own time.

Michael advises he has Portland’s overview and he will obtain the content in the near future. He will continue to follow up with SAGE in Portland.

Robert has Lit Review and continues to follow up on UK links

Jan will hold the materials for the education coordinator.

  1. Inclusive Spaces Grant

– Award and Sage – Roger from Sage has provided desk space, phone and computer for the education coordinator.  Sage will handle the money and disbursement as well as an official Sage employment contract for the education coordinator

– Education Coordinator, Pride Seniors contract position – Alvin presented a draft of the job description. Suggested changes were discussed. Alvin will revise and send to members for distribution.

– Contract/Sage contact person – Michael will continue to liaise with Sage

– Supervisor(s) of contract person – Eric and Jan have volunteered to oversee the education coordinator.

– Position Notice/advertising – All members are to broadcast to everybody in their networks. No need to worry about duplication.

– Selection committee – Larry and Robert will review the resumes and short list them for the Interview and Selection Panel

Robert, Thai and Eric will interview the candidates and choose the education coordinator. Thai back in Canada July 20.

  1. Schedule for hiring contract person – Michael presented contract hiring time lines

June 15 –                            Review proposed contact information

June 19 –                            Finalize information and post/email it

June 19-July 10                  Applications received

July 10-17                           Short List

July 17-22 –                        Interview/selection

Aug 1                                   Contracted person begins

  1. Other

– There are groups of people in Edmonton that we have not reached yet as witnessed at the EVM performance

– Will look to have GLBTT Seniors housing group participate at the 2016 Pride.

  1. Next Meeting –July 27 at SAGE at 4:00 pm.

Notes prepared by Jan Schmitz

May 25, 2015

LGBTT Seniors Housing Notes at SAGE   –      May 25, 2015 

Attendees: Dave Gilbert, Alexis Hillyard Thais McKee, Michael Phair, Jan Schmitz, Alvin Schrader, Robert Smith, Eric Story,

Regrets: Julian Daly, Larry Jewell, Mickey Wilson

  1. Welcome
  1. Grants/finances –Still awaiting all invoices from the last grant before a financial report can be prepared.
  1. Grey Matters – Eric and Michael were not invited to participate this year as the conference has a different focus. They will be considered for 2016.
  1. Follow Up

– Volunteers – All volunteers that expressed interest at the symposium were contacted.

– Inclusive spaces grant application – Michael sent in the grant application to Age Friendly Edmonton to develop educational training materials for front line workers to create inclusive spaces for GLBTQ older persons. Expects to hear the results shortly.

– Marginalized groups – still need more thought and work on marginalized groups

  1. Inclusive Spaces

– Sage – Roger from Sage is supportive for the project.

– Information gathering – Members are to collect relevant material for the contracted person.

See attached for additional information.  Members are to submit links and if possible comments on which sections are relevant for the contracted person.  Jan will keep a running list.

Larry  has contacted Ottawa for their material

Michael  has contacted Portland

Thaya  will contact New York Sage

Eric has a LBGT Tool kit from Toronto

Robert has Lit Review and will follow up on UK links

Michael distributed the Catie HIV and aging booklet

– Contracted Person – need a job description and to coordinate hiring with Sage.  Michael and Alvin will work on that. –

  1. Marginalized groups

– Support – Three volunteers will assist with the subcommittee. Cindy, Judy and Tammy.

– Members –Dave will lead with support from Mickey. Dave will contact Mickey for original vision.

Terms of reference could focus on groups that were missed.   80+, low economic, no aboriginal, very little trans, health and HIV etc. There may be others.

  1. Other

Poverty in Seniors conversation cafe hosted by ESCC on June 17 1-3:30 at St Michaels Health Group 7404 139 Ave. see attached.

Will look to participate at the 2016 Pride.

Eric will target Alberta Gerontological Association in the fall.  This is a mostly professionals organisation.

  1. Next Meeting –June 15 at SAGE at 4:00 pm. Will need a contract and to solidify links.

Notes prepared by Jan Schmitz