December 2, 2019

Edmonton Pride Seniors Group Notes at SAGE – December 2, 2019

Attendees: Dave Gilbert, Blair MacKinnon, Thais McKee, Michael Phair, Jan Schmitz, Alvin Schrader, Robert Smith, Michelle Smook, John Toogood, Laurie Winder.

Regrets: Sydney Goss (on leave), Larry Jewell, Tammy Horne, James Lavoy, D J Murray, Colin Simpson, Eric Storey.

1. Welcome and Introductions –

2. Seniors Advocate, Seniors Funding – Alvin advised the Seniors Advocate Office is closed and responsibility will be moved to the Health Advocate.

3. Housing Phase 2 Update – The focus group meet last Saturday. Good meeting. They are developing a survey to target participants (pre-application tool). The group is discussing its name as core does not seem to fit. They are developing terms of reference to hire a marketing professional to develop branding for consistent messaging.

4. Tri City Project –

– Michele advises of the signed contract with the Pride Center for the seniors outreach coordinating position. They continue to meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

Aging with Pride continues on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month. They are hoping for Saskatoon and Winnipeg to join to make the conversation prairie wide

– Thais advised of the Senior Coordinating Council meeting and that she is tasked with pulling together a group of socially isolated lgbtq seniors and requested funds for some enticement such as Drive for Happiness or Grocery gift cards. There is money in the Tri City budget for this.

– Winnipeg Concluding Meeting – Michael advised that this was temporarily on hold as the new governments settle. A current one time add on grant will be utilized to seeking additional funding for a final meeting that will include a facilitator, an evening reception, and a symposium in late Sept or October 2020.

5. Other

– EGALE – Alvin advised that they are meeting next week.

– Jordan Regehr is the new ED at Boyle Street Coop

– Website – Alex not available until next term. Current contract is not being completed. Marsha may be available.

– City Transit – Michael attended a city executive committee meeting that announced increased fares to seniors bus passes that may be connected to income. New generation of advocates maintain transit should be free.

– Alvin advocated to the Seasons magazine for the white hetero photos throughout. He received a response thanking him for letter and they are not trying to be deliberate and will reflect on their current messaging.

– Thais advised Edmonton Pride Centre has gone through 4 ED’s in three years and the grant machine has stalled. The members brainstormed fundraising ideas. Use the centre if possible.

– EVM and Chorealis Christmas Concert is 7pm on Monday Dec 16 at the Unitarian Church 10804-119 Street NW. Free, music, snacks and games.

Next Meeting – 4:30, January 6, 2019 – Jan sends regrets

Next Next Meeting – 4:30, February 3, 2020

Next Next Next Meeting – 4:30, March 2,2020

Notes prepared by Jan Schmitz