December 8, 2014

LGBTT Seniors Housing Notes at SAGE   –      December 8, 2014 

Attendees: Larry Jewell, Thais McKee, Michael Phair, Jan Schmitz, Robert Smith, Eric Story

Regrets: Julian Daly, Mickey Wilson

  1. Welcome –
  1. Survey

Update – As of Nov 21st, 2 focus groups of 5 were completed and will look for a 3rd. More surveys have been received.  Results are being prepared.

Funding Report – is required by end of the month. Michael will prepare.

  1. Symposium Location

Thais and Eric discussed two possible locations.  The symposium will be held at SAGE on Feb 24, 2015

Funding has been secured from Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council.  It is possible that ECF could top up.

  1. Symposium (Draft Budget)

Total Grant – $9,000.   Michael discussed options.

Speaker                     1,200

Survey paper            1,000

Food                           1,600

Coordinator              ?

Promotion/PR         ?

Miscellaneous              250

  1. Symposium (organization)


8:30-9am  Opening

Purpose of the day

Who we are

Overview/agenda for the symposium

9-9:45am  Guest Speaker

9:50-10:30am Summary and Analysis of the Survey

10:45–Noon  Discussion of Survey Results

Areas of interest for next steps

Noon–12:45pm  LUNCH

12:45-1:45pm  Groups

Discussion and priorities

1:45-2:30pm  Reports/Priorities/Conclusion

Marie Robertson is enthusiast to come as the guest speaker.  Billeting a possibility if budget is tight.

Thais will provide contact information for a possible coordinator. Michael, Larry and Eric will follow up.

The group discussed many format options.

The movie screening will be saved for another event.

  1. Other

Merry Christmas

  1. Next Meeting – Monday January 12, 2014 at Sage at 4:00pm. Doors locked at 3:59pm.

Notes prepared by Jan Schmitz