February 12, 2018

Edmonton Pride Seniors Group Notes at SAGE – Feb 12, 2018

Attendees: Dave Gilbert, Larry Jewell, Thais McKee, Michael Phair, Jan Schmitz, Alvin Schrader, Colin Simpson, Robert Smith, Eric Story, Laurie Winder.

Regrets: Sydney Goss (on leave), Tammy Horne, Blair MacKinnon,

  1. Welcome.
  1. Housing Feasibility Study Update – Robert reported that we are planning the workshops for Sat Feb 25 and Sat March 10 at Pride Centre from 1 to 3:30. Healthy food only. We have 9 participants and 6 EPSG members confirmed.  We are waiting for confirmation from 12 more. Take a poster and advertise as we are looking for 30 participants.  Sage has given us an email address.  LGBTQhousing@mysage.ca .  The consultant has advised that there may be a couple of streams of project possibilities and that there may be no direct interest in the project.  The committee is to include in the report a financial model of the possible options for future consideration. Once the study report is completed, the EPSG members will make decisions as to what to do next.

The members discussed – a diverse study group, interchangeable features, maximum flexibility, health hijacks everything, what happens to those that make $30 thousand a year, higher incomes subsidizing others, multi health issues, social isolation, living longer with less, subsidy versus medical care.

  1. Coordinating with Pegasus/Sage – Larry, Blair and Colin met for a brainstorming session. Will create a list of associations that exist and where GLBTQ are welcome. Email Larry with your suggestions.  The next meeting will be at the end of March.
  1. Community Conversations Project – Michael advised Age Friendly Edmonton’s $5,000 grant has been received and is with SAGE. Ann’s contract is being prepared. Thais, Colin and David will meet next week. We are planning two sessions before June at Pride Centre and Ashburne.  There may be allies in attendance.  We will stage a couple of people to video after the sessions rather than video during the day. Ann will prepare the report.  Lauren Alston will be contacted to see if she is interested in participating.
  1. 2017 Intergenerational booklet/video – The content for the book is complete. Ann and Michael have reviewed. Owen is doing the video on Friday.
  1. Website update – Eric advises at the real name is EPSG.ca. Jan gets it now.
  1. Minister Hoffman’s Office Meeting – Alvin and Michael met Blaire Christensen on Jan 25/18 to bring the ministerial assistant up to speed on the issues facing GLBTQ seniors. No policy issues were discussed. A very useful meeting and Alvin will follow up in 6 months.
  1. AHS Coordinating Council – Larry reported that a large group, mostly within AHS are focused on preparing a good document on the introduction of preparation for GLBTQ living. The document is still in the confidential draft stage. Next meeting is in April. This document will be good if it becomes a training standard.
  1. City and Sage updates – City contact Diana has advised of additional contacts Susan Kankkunen and Carlene Etmanski.

Sage has begun construction of the new area providing services for supportive and social health and wellness.  A nurse practitioner will be in the seniors clinic and can refer to social workers and health clinics.  It should be open in another month.

  1. Other

–      Future discussion – how to get agencies and organizational information out to the GLBTQ folk

  • Pride Center had a strategic planning day and is looking at involving seniors programing.
  • “agent to the police” sticker means police don’t need to knock. They can just walk in and the center can no longer become a sanctuary.

Next Meeting – Monday March 5, 2018 at 4:30 at SAGE.

NEXT MEETINGS –  Then April 9 and May 7/18

Notes prepared by Jan Schmitz