February 9, 2015

LGBTT Seniors Housing Notes at SAGE   –      February 9, 2015 

Attendees: Julian Daly, Thais McKee, Michael Phair, Jan Schmitz, Robert Smith, Eric Story, Alvin Schrader

Regrets: Larry Jewell, Mickey Wilson


2.Revised symposium program (attached)

– Times – Eric and Candice to be there by 8:00 am.  Eric will handle signage.

– Format – Robert to open Symposium, speak about Sherry. Thais to introduce the speaker.  Michael will introduce Ann and Tammy.  Roger Laing to speak about SAGE and welcome attendees at lunch.

– space

– Role for volunteers – All members to take a facilitating roll in the discussion groups.  Ann and Michael will wrap up.

  1. Materials for attendees

– Survey result

– Annotated bibliography

– Program

– Other – Will see if SAGE will place materials on their website.

  1. Guest speaker

– Power point – will be available through SAGE

– Arrival/departure – Michael to pick up from airport Sunday evening.  Jan to deliver to airport.

– Schedule and activities – Monday’s activities to be developed.  All members encouraged to attend dinner with Tim on Monday evening.  Thais will organize. Details will follow by email.

  1. Media

– Spokespersons

– Interviews-Guest Speaker, researchers

– Other – CBC may be supportive

  1. Attendance/attendees

– Poster/cards – members took materials to distribute

– Electronic invitations – all members to distribute

– Health Services

– Others –Church Groups, Government Representatives,  Robert to invite City Councilors and MLA s

  1. Other – Thais will arrange for a videographer.
  1. Next Meeting – Monday February 23, 2015 at dinner with Tim Johnson. Details to follow by email

Notes prepared by Jan Schmitz


A conversation about programs, services and housing issues facing a forgotten generation

Tuesday February 24, 2015

Seniors Pride group

Sage, 13 Sir Winston Churchill

8:30-9am Opening

Purpose of the day

Who we are

Overview/agenda for the symposium

9-9:45am  Guest Speaker: Tim Johnston

Manager and Education and Training

SAGE New York City

9:50-10:30am Summary and Analysis of the Survey—Ann Goldblatt and Tammy Horne

10:45– Noon  Discussion Groups

So what does this mean for us in Edmonton?

An interactive discussion on the significance and implications of key note address and research findings which gives attendees  an opportunity to respond to what they heard and found meaningful, and begin to explore the ‘so what?’ question, i.e. what does this learning mean for advancing this issue in Edmonton?


From what you heard from Tim Johnston and the research findings …

  1. Did anything surprise you?
  2. What stood out as particularly meaningful or significant for you?
  3. What would you place at the top of your list for where we need to focus our attention in Edmonton?

Noon–12:45pm  LUNCH

12:45-1:45pm  Groups

Discussion and priorities

1:45-2:30pm  Reports/Priorities/Conclusion