February 24, 2014

LGBTT Seniors Housing Notes at SAGE   –      February 24, 2014 

Attendees: Julian Daly, Thais McKee, Michael Phair, Jan Schmitz, Robert Smith, Mickey Wilson

Regrets: Larry Jewell, Eric Story, David Ushko

  1. Remembering – The group shared celebratory stories about Sherry McKibben.
  1. Welcome to Mickey Wilson
  1. Leadership

Michael is looking for a wing man to assist with the project.  Robert and Jan volunteer to assist.

  1. Updates

Grant Application – was submitted in January.  Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council has received it and reviewed it.  Waiting for decision.

Edmonton Community Foundation may be able to provide some funding. A verbal commitment was given to Sherry.  Michael will follow up with Martin and/or Craig.

Research (Eric) – tabled until next meeting

World Pride (Jerry) – tabled until next meeting


– Sherry and Jan met with president Tracey Smith.  Womonspace board met.  Tracey advises that Womonspace is willing to support.  Not willing to send out info over their web site.  We can display at dances, talk to members, advertise with their social media and use their newsletter to advise of survey.  Tracey would like to attend one of our meetings in the future.

  1. Next Steps
  • May need to change the meeting date depending on Eric’s class schedule
  • Anne Goldblat and Christine Lenoard are willing to help
  • Lyle Watley has a large body of documentation on needs of GLBT seniors
  • Article in newspaper referring to pink chapter in Toronto. Thaya will follow up on CARP
  • Pride Centre has one single screening of Gensilent that may be an opportunity to combine with our activities or symposium.
  • Jan and Sherry to follow up.

Next Meeting – Monday March 24, 2014 at Sage at 4:00pm.  Doors locked at 3:59pm.

Follow Up

Michael – Support letter from Sage (if required)

Michael – Follow up on funding application

Michael – Follow up on Edmonton Community Foundation funding

Jan – Prepare notes from meeting

Jerry – World Pride Conference in Toronto in 2014

Julian – Explore international options.

Larry  – Ottawa Senior Pride Network

Eric – York U – obtain survey information

Eric – U of A survey – obtain survey information

Jan – Bring Womonspace president to a meeting

Thaya – Follow up on CARP Pink Chapter

Mickey – Follow up on Lyle’s body of documentation

Notes prepared by Julian Daly