February 4, 2019

Edmonton Pride Seniors Group Notes at SAGE – Feb 4, 2019

Attendees:  Tammy Horne, Larry Jewell, Thais McKee, Michael Phair, Jan Schmitz, Alvin Schrader, Robert Smith, Michelle Smook, Eric Storey.

Regrets: Sydney Goss (on leave), Dave Gilbert, James Lavoy, Ken MacDonald, Blair MacKinnon, Quinn Posch, Laurie Winder.

1. Welcome and Introductions – Welcome to Michelle.

2. Housing Feasibility Study Update – The committee met with the architect again on Jan 31/19 to review first draft of the preliminary drawings. Johnathan is giving us a discount rate as we are a charity cause.  We gave feedback to reduce the size for lots more obtainable in Oliver.  Community, privacy, aging in place/adaptability and interesting design were highlighted.  We will meet with Johnathan on Feb 15/19.  Then a meeting with the total focus group targeting Feb 23 or Mar 2.  We toured the Sakaw Centre which Jonathan designed on a surplus school site.  Lynn will provide potential developers to partner with for the final report. The committee was congratulated for their work.

3. GEF – Michael has followed up with Kiwanis and they would like a session for residents any Tuesday in March.  Larry, Eric Michal, Alvin and possibly Michelle will present on Mar 19/19.  It was suggested that it is time for a train the trainers program.

4. Tri City Project and Federal Department

After being told there was no funding opportunity, Michael received a phone call that the minister and deputy minister were interested in the concept and to re visit the proposal to be submitted by the end of March.  Ottawa is dropping out because of limited capacity.  Winnipeg has suggested Saskatoon could be an option.  Funds will be dispersed to only one group.  Sage is unable to administer funds outside of the province.

Suggestions for the proposal included: intergenerational, 40-50 year olds and seniors, isolation, multiethnic component, importance of community, include allies as well, transferability of the learnings, desire to grow networks beyond the three cities, larger 2 spirited community.  Alvin and Michael will make magic and submit the proposal.

5. Alberta Health Module, Presentations and Video – Michael and Alvin presented materials written by Michele Taylor at the Provincial Geriatric Grand Rounds on Tuesday.  Michele Taylor recorded the session and it should be uploaded to the Alberta Heath website. The session was skyped to 20+ places and 30 people watched live in the glenrose auditorium.

6. CLPNA Meeting – Michael and Alvin met with two staff of CLPNA to discuss possible assistance in preparing information on LGBTQ2S+ persons that their members (Licensed Practical Nurses) might find useful.  Membership in CLPNA in Alberta is 16,000.  Members have certificate training and are involved with upgrading through CLPNA.  CLPNA are interested in a possible module for use in their on-line education/training programs and are interested in evaluating the effectiveness of such training.  They will provide potential ideas to Alvin and Michael.

7. Website – nothing to report

8. PRIDE CENTRE and ISMISS – No news on the grant funding for the senior outreach worker.  ISMISS continues to go through staff changes and training.

9. Other

– “Seniors Without Walls”LGBTQ monthly phone in session is on Wednesday Feb 6/19. All are invited to participate.

– Eric will present at the ICCR meeting in Edmonton and April meeting in Calgary.

– Alvin has had a request by EGALE to do a write up of our group.  See attached.  There is no word yet if Alvin has been accepted for a position on the board.

– Tami would like to see a way to link the pride center into the Tri City project.

Next Meeting – 4:30 Mar 4, 2019

Next Next Meeting – 4:30 April 1, 2019

Notes prepared by Jan Schmitz


Attachments for February 4, 2019 Notes

Overview for EGALE

Edmonton Pride Seniors Group

~helping to create safe spaces for quality of life for older LGBTQ2S+ residents since 2013


The mission of the Edmonton Pride Seniors Group is to address housing and service issues and barriers affecting the growing population of LGBTQ2S+ older adults in the Edmonton area.

The Edmonton Pride Seniors Group strives to ensure that all seniors’ services and activity centres and all housing forms – assisted and independent senior housing complexes long term care facilities, lodges and palliative care centres – are a welcoming, safe, and caring environment for LGBTQ2S+ older adults aged 55+ in Edmonton and area. Through advocacy and education of staff and residents, the Group assists existing services and facilities to develop appropriate non-discriminatory policies and practices.

As needs and opportunities arise, the Group researches the issues and concerns affecting LGBTQ2S+ seniors; provides sensitivity training and education about older LGBTQ2S+ adults for staff in activity centres and seniors’ housing; educates the LGBTQ2S+ community about seniors’ programs and services; develops new programs; and plans to undertake further work to reach and listen to older LGBTQ2S+ marginalized persons such as two-spirit, trans, immigrants, and others.

The Group is committed to moving forward with initiatives designed to improve the quality of life of older LGBTQ2S+ residents, and members are available for consultation, discussion, and cooperation with like-minded groups and individuals in government and the not-for profit and private sectors.

Projects and Initiatives

To date, the Edmonton Pride Seniors Group has undertaken several key initiatives:

  • Multi-faceted survey of LGBTQ2S+ seniors in Edmonton and a Symposium to discuss and publish survey findings
  • Annotated bibliography of research and professional literature, published
  • Education and awareness training module, presented to more than 25 agencies and groups
  • Marginalized and underrepresented populations engagement proposal
  • LGBTQ2S+ Seniors Advocate Proposal for the Government of Alberta
  • LGBTQ2S+ housing feasibility study
  • Pride intergenerational learnings project: LGBTQ2S+ older adults and queer youth
  • Community conversations: older and younger LGBTQ2S+, and,
  • informal advocacy with government officials and staff as well as with care provider organizations and services.


The Edmonton Pride Seniors Group is a self-organizing group for LGBTQ2S+ seniors in the Edmonton area. It is an ad hoc volunteer committee initiated by former City of Edmonton Councillors Michael Phair and Sherry McKibben to address the housing and service issues affecting the growing population of LGBTQ2S+ (sexual and gender minority) seniors in Edmonton. Since its inception in July 2013, the Group has worked in cooperation with Sage Seniors Association [Edmonton], which provides regular meeting space and manages grant funding. Members are from the LGBTQ2S+ community and allies, and include older as well as younger individuals who come from a variety of professional backgrounds, including social work, education, medicine, health care management, and local government. The Group is voluntary, and activities are undertaken with no compensation; project grants are sought in order to engage outside expertise and resources. The Group’s website is found at www.epsg.ca