July 10, 2017

Edmonton Pride Seniors Group Notes at SAGE – July 10, 2017

Attendees: Dave Gilbert, Larry Jewell, Thais McKee, Michael Phair, Jan Schmitz, Alvin Schrader, Robert Smith, Eric Story.

Regrets: Julian Daly, Sydney Goss, Tammy Horne, Stephen Quinn

  1. Welcome – Sydney will be taking a leave from this committee.
  1. Minutes (June 5/17 Meeting) – no changes.
  1. Updates

St. Catherine – Alvin has made contact and is awaiting a response.

EGALE – the conference date has been changed to the spring.

Seniors Guide (Federal) – Minister Lori Sigurdson put Michael’s name forward to attend the interprovincial seniors meeting in Montreal. They have created a tool kit about seniors.  Sage currently uses the kit. The minister has asked for three supplements 1) gay/lesbian 2) aboriginal and 3) newcomers. Results of the 4 hour meeting will be presented at the next interprovincial meeting and published in both French and English.

Feasibility Study – Robert has met with everybody concerned and has the completed proposal from Lynn Hanley. He is awaiting direction from the city.  Robert will send the proposal to the group before it is submitted to the city.

Calgary – The Sharp Foundation is currently waiting for 150 funding for hosting the provincial meeting in Red Deer. Robert will follow up.

  1. Age Friendly Edmonton Town Hall Meetings – Eric attended on June 22. Kristy Harcourt and Eric put in the gay message.
  1. Learning Module – Michael and Eric had their 1st meeting with the Greater Edmonton Foundation (GEF) and did a 10 minute presentation to the Board, CEO and CFO. It was well received. They will be meeting on July 31 with the seven senior management team and will include discussion on gender messaging and an overview of our module.

It is hoped that GEF will do a pilot project of 2-3 buildings, maybe in Oliver and learn how to roll out to the rest of their buildings.

Eric has reviewed the module outline and needs to get the graphic designer to make the changes.

The committee discussed – standards setting, evaluation, ongoing monitoring, being a resource to GEF.

Retraining the trainers with the revised material is targeted for the fall.

  1. Intergenerational Conversational Sessions – Thais gave a summary of the project history and discussed the successes of the day. Michael reported that the videotaping may need additional footage. Todd Babiuk is writing the script for the City project.  Michael will check to see if our group will be getting a copy of the video as well as the photographs.  The procedure for claiming expenses will be – Anne to submit the receipts to Michael.  Michael is to submit to SAGE for reimbursement.

The time line for completion of this project is the end of 2017.  The members discussed ways to keep in contact with the participants.

  1. Minister of Health Meeting – We hope to receive a status report on an Alberta Health study of LGBT seniors. There is a possibility the Minister of Health Sarah Hoffman is interested in taking our Education and Training Module to the next quarterly meeting of the Continuing Care Collaborations advisory committee, comprised of representatives from the Ministry of Health, Alberta Health Services, the Ministry of Seniors and Housing, Alberta Continuing Care Association, and Alberta Seniors Communities and Housing Association and chaired by Ministry of Health.
  1. Presentations –

Camrose – Robert and Michael are doing.

Red Deer – Michael will do the Golden Senior Circles

Seniors Minister holds a seniors advisors forum.  Larry will attend.  Eric will be the alternate.

  1. Other – Eric will set up a meeting with Randy Boissonnault to see how the federal level can further our agenda.

Next Meetings

Tentatively August 14, 4:30pm at SAGE. It may be cancelled if the intergenerational report is not been complete.

Sept 11, 4:30 at SAGE

Notes prepared by Jan Schmitz