July 9, 2018

Edmonton Pride Seniors Group Notes at SAGE – July 9, 2018

Attendees: Tammy Horne, Larry Jewell, Michael Phair, Jan Schmitz, Alvin Schrader, Robert Smith, Eric Story.

Regrets: Dave Gilbert, Sydney Goss (on leave), Ken MacDonald, Blair MacKinnon, Thais McKee, Colin Simpson, Laurie Winder

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  1. Housing Feasibility Study Update – Robert advised the subcommittee is meeting on Thursday at 11:00 to plan the fourth conversation. Eric discussed John Klepke from Positive Spaces in Winnipeg as a potential contact. Robert will follow up.
  1. Community Dialogue Sessions – Michael advised we are waiting for the city to finish the video and report. Ann Goldblat will present her final report at the next meeting
  1. Possible Future Conversations/Events – In Blair and David’s absence, Michael and Tami reported on the June 6 session. It was a positive session. Ernie Fedorowych attended and will be joining the Edmonton pride seniors group. Dillion has since organized an event at the Ashbourne on July 21st from 1 to 4 involving 5 education stations.  Michael will do the history section.
  1. Website – development ongoing.
  1. Provincial update – The Minster of Seniors is out of the hospital and looks forward to getting back to work.

Capital Care – Alvin was at the TREC (Translating Research in Elder Care) conference and met Audrey Sand, Director – Innovation and Change Management.  She would like to meet with our group to see what they need and what we can do to assist.

CLPNA – Alvin met with Leah Phillips, Director of Research and Policy, College of Licenses Practical Nurses of Alberta and they are interested in exploring provincial and national educational initiatives for LPN students and practitioners.  Both files were forwarded to Michael for follow-up.

  1. National update –

Representative on EGALE National Seniors Advisor Council – Sydney in still on leave.  Alvin will apply to be the representative on the National Council.

Winnipeg national get together – Eric, Larry and Alvin met with Roberta Bishop, Operations Manager for the (Winnipeg) Rainbow Resource Centre. Positive Spaces is a subcommittee of the Centre.  The Centre received $50K from the City of Winnipeg to do a housing feasibility study.

National conference – Roberta Bishop mentioned the Centre would like to hold a national conference in the fall 2019 for groups like ours, possibly to be held in Winnipeg. Alvin indicated our Group would be happy to work with the Winnipeg folks to move this initiative forward. Michael is researching this source of funding and will discuss with Minister Randy Bissonnette’s office. Edmonton Community Foundation Initiative – Ken and Michael will continue to work on this funding.  The computer form is not friendly. Tami is available to assist with this.

  1. Pegasis, Seniors Centre without Walls – Larry asked the group for input into participating in a one hour telephone session at the south side primary care facility. Five participants and one moderator at a minimum will be required. Larry will investigate available time slots.

All members of the group expressed interest in participating.

  1. Other

Sage is doing a workshop focused on allies and loved ones on Aug 1 at 2:30 pm.  The entire group is invited to attend.

Larry, Alvin and Michael were interviewed for the Michele Taylor program community care modules being created by Alberta Health Services.  Great questions regarding being queer and being older – see attached.

CBC interview – https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/lgbtq-seniors-long-term-care-homes-discrimination-1.4721384

Prairie Fairies – A History of Queer Communities and People in Western Canada 1930-1985 by Valerie J Korinek is being released. This history was researched and written, in part, by Roberts step daughter Erin. She interviewed Michael for this.

Indi Film Festival July 15 – My Son is Gay – Garneau Theatre 17:30

Edmonton Vocal Minority sent a thank you for supporting us with your concert program ad.

Next Meeting – August 13/18

Next Next Meeting – Sept 10/18

Notes prepared by Jan Schmitz


AHS – video recording script