June 15, 2015

LGBTT Seniors Housing Notes at SAGE   –      June 15, 2015 

Attendees: Dave Gilbert, Alexis Hillyard, Larry Jewell, Thais McKee, Michael Phair, Jan Schmitz, Alvin Schrader , Robert Smith, Eric Story,

Regrets: Julian Daly,  Mickey Wilson

  1. Welcome
  1. Minutes from May 25 – no changes
  1. Subcommittee on Marginalized Groups Update – Dave will meet with Mickey and will approach the volunteers and set up a meeting. Marylyn Hooper has joined the volunteer group. English not first language may be a possible group addition.
  1. Educational/training information materials or references for Inclusive Spaces Contract (all members)

Larry continues to work with Ottawa for their material

Eric presented a LBGT Tool kit from Toronto.  Home Care Access Home Team from York University completed a presentation in May.  The resource material will be published soon and will be sent to Eric.

Thaya advises that New York Sage charges a fee for their materials.  Tim Johnson is willing to review our materials on his own time.

Michael advises he has Portland’s overview and he will obtain the content in the near future. He will continue to follow up with SAGE in Portland.

Robert has Lit Review and continues to follow up on UK links

Jan will hold the materials for the education coordinator.

  1. Inclusive Spaces Grant

– Award and Sage – Roger from Sage has provided desk space, phone and computer for the education coordinator.  Sage will handle the money and disbursement as well as an official Sage employment contract for the education coordinator

– Education Coordinator, Pride Seniors contract position – Alvin presented a draft of the job description. Suggested changes were discussed. Alvin will revise and send to members for distribution.

– Contract/Sage contact person – Michael will continue to liaise with Sage

– Supervisor(s) of contract person – Eric and Jan have volunteered to oversee the education coordinator.

– Position Notice/advertising – All members are to broadcast to everybody in their networks. No need to worry about duplication.

– Selection committee – Larry and Robert will review the resumes and short list them for the Interview and Selection Panel

Robert, Thai and Eric will interview the candidates and choose the education coordinator. Thai back in Canada July 20.

  1. Schedule for hiring contract person – Michael presented contract hiring time lines

June 15 –                            Review proposed contact information

June 19 –                            Finalize information and post/email it

June 19-July 10                  Applications received

July 10-17                           Short List

July 17-22 –                        Interview/selection

Aug 1                                   Contracted person begins

  1. Other

– There are groups of people in Edmonton that we have not reached yet as witnessed at the EVM performance

– Will look to have GLBTT Seniors housing group participate at the 2016 Pride.

  1. Next Meeting –July 27 at SAGE at 4:00 pm.

Notes prepared by Jan Schmitz