March 27, 2017

Edmonton Pride Seniors Group Notes at SAGE – Mar 27, 2017

Attendees: Sydney Goss, Larry Jewell, Thais McKee, Michael Phair, Jan Schmitz, Robert Smith, Eric Story.

Regrets: Julian Daly, Dave Gilbert, Tammy Horne, Cameron Rycroft, Alvin Schrader, Mickey Wilson

  1. Welcome – Welcome.


  1. Brunch meeting – notes previously sent by email


  1. Learning Module

– The members discussed the changes at the Pride Centre.

– Michael will follow up with Kristy to make the power point presentation simpler

– Eric and Sydney presented the module and have suggestions for a presenter’s package.  Eric will create a draft.


  1. Intergenerational Learning Update

– First session is postponed till April 5.  Things are moving along.  The Digital Centre is a great space for this project. Owen has been great to work with.


  1. Other

Eric and Robert met with Ingrid from the City.  Ingrid has prepared a report to present to council on Apr 3.  Michael will speak to it.  All are welcome to attend the meeting.


Michael will meet with Minister Miranda at 4:45 on April 3.


Michael and Larry will present a session in Camrose in September.


  1. EGALE

Syd has a telephone meeting set for tomorrow night.


  1. Other

Eric suggested that the group have an email address through SAGE.  Michael will attend to this.


A business card size advertisement was placed in the Edmonton Vocal Minority concert program.


The GBLTT Seniors Housing Steering Committee contact list was updated.


  1. Next Meeting – Monday May 1, 4:30pm at SAGE. Eric sends his regrets

Monday June 5, at 4:30 at SAGE.

Notes prepared by Jan Schmitz