March 5, 2018

Edmonton Pride Seniors Group Notes at SAGE – Mar 5, 2018

Attendees: Larry Jewell, Thais McKee, Michael Phair, Jan Schmitz, Alvin Schrader, Robert Smith, Laurie Winder.

Regrets: Dave Gilbert, Sydney Goss (on leave), Tammy Horne, Blair MacKinnon, Colin Simpson, Eric Story, Dawn Wenzel

  1. Welcome and Introductions –
  1. Housing Feasibility Study Update – Robert reported that we had a successful first group meeting on Feb 24 with more attendees that expected. 26 in total. The introductions section was successful and rolled the conversation.  Robert gave an introduction as to how we got to where we are now. The consultant gave a presentation on the types of existing models.  Groups discussed in their sections what sounded great and what caused them fears.  Overall it is going well. Interest was real. The next session on Saturday Mar 10 will continue the conversation.  Reports are due to the city this summer.
  1. Community Conversations (new Project) – update – Laurie, Thais, and Dave met with Ann Goldblat to begin planning the new session to be held this spring. The members discussed contacting the local 18-20 GSAs and the University undergrads for additional participants. U of A pride is next week.
  1. Intergenerational Conversations update – Todd Babiak has finished, Owen has finished shooting the video and is now in the editing stage. Our work is finished. The city will finalize the design and printing.  Michael will get copies of the booklet and video if possible.
  1. Website update – postponed till next meeting.
  1. Other

–      AHS Coordinating Council – Next meeting is in April

  • Alberta Education – Michael attended a 1 1/2 hour meeting with the ministers and others. They are looking at how to put it into the curriculum on and ongoing basis.
  • GEF – The two sessions with staff has been moved to later in March. Eric and Michael will present the new education module.
  • MP Boissanault – Michael, Eric and Thais will go to this session. The feds can look at it from a national perspective and can bring folk together.  It is a good follow up to the apology that was given earlier in the year.
  • The City is looking for a discussion group and want input for a LGBTQ senior friendly city. The session is Mar 15 from 5 to 7 at the Pride Centre. It will be a loose discussion and fits in the vision of 2050.
  • Copy of the new health services at sage pamphlet is attached.

Next Meeting – Monday April 9, 2018 at 4:30 at SAGE. – Laurie sends her regrets.

NEXT NEXT MEETING – May 7/18 – Larry and Robert send their regrets.

Notes prepared by Jan Schmitz

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