May 20, 2014

LGBTT Senior’s Notes

May 20, 2014 Meeting

Attendees:  Robert Smith, Michael Phair, Eric Storey, Larry Jewell

Regrets:  Jan Schmitz, David Ushko, Julian Daly, Thais McKee, Mickey Wilson, Jerry Toews

  1. Welcome

Guests—Ann Goldblatt, Tami Horne

  1. Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council grant is being processed. (N.B. Funding was received by SAGE today!)
  1. Michael and Robert will follow up with Edmonton Community Foundation regarding funds for a symposium which will build on the currently funded symposium.
  1. The symposium will be designated as the Sherry McKibben Symposium.
  1. Robert and Michael met with Ann Goldblatt to offer her the consulting opportunity to implement ‘Into the Closet Again, Needs Assessment: Housing for GLBTQ Seniors’.

An agreement finalized through SAGE has been completed and Ann Goldblatt will be the consultant for this project.  Robert and Eric agreed to be the contacts from our group with Ann.

  1. Ann Goldblatt attended the meeting with Tami Horne who will work with Ann. Ann and Tami led a discussion on some directions/points of the survey.  Further discussion will take place at the next meeting.
  1. The next meeting will likely be towards the end of June.

Notes prepared by Michael Phair

May 21, 2014