October 1, 2018

Edmonton Pride Seniors Group Notes at SAGE – Oct 1, 2018

Attendees: Dave Gilbert, Blair MacKinnon, Thais McKee, Michael Phair, Quinn Posch, Jan Schmitz, Robert Smith, Eric Storey

Regrets: Sydney Goss (on leave), Tammy Horne, Larry Jewell, James Lavoy, Ken MacDonald, Alvin Schrader, Laurie Winder.

1. Welcome and Introductions – Welcome.

2. Notes from Sept 10 – no changes.

3. Housing Feasibility Study Update – Robert advised the committee met and analysed the survey data.  We will take the results to the focus group on Oct 27 at Comunitas (12120 106 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5N 0Z2) from 1 to 330.  There will be further discussion including price points, land locations etc.

4. Federal Government Proposal – no news yet

5. Proposal to Edmonton Community Foundation – EFC was looking for clarification which Michael provided.  Waiting for decision.

6. Canora Gardens Presentation – Michael and Eric present to 6 residents of Kenora.  Bulliying was discussed in detail. Eric will pursue more opportunity for bullying presentation. LGBTQ issues and bullying may need to be addressed as two complimentary streams.

7. Edmonton Senior Coordinating Council event – Nov 1 at the Edmonton Inn on Kingsway. Michael will speak at the opening ceremonies. Michael and Eric are leading the diversity panel.  Organizers want Michael to speak on the intergenerational project.

There is a meet and great for Age Friendly at 5:30 at Art Gallery.

8. Provincial survey/Advisory Council – Robert will put his name forward to serve on the advisory council. The members discussed ideas for a proposal.  EPSG serve as an advisory committee for the proposed Pride Centre senior outreach coordinator.

9. Website – Please send your feedback and topics you want posted by email to Jan.

10. Other

– Vancouver has a group working on our issues.  Alvin will follow up.

– Federal Minister Filomena Tassi – newly appointed as Minister of Health discussed seniors in her opening speech.

– Edmonton Pride Festival Society – Thaya gave information on obtaining voting memberships for the upcoming AGM.

Lauren Alston is looking for seniors to attend the Nov 17 session at Jasper Place High School.  Same format as intergen project.  Will discuss real life situations.

– Quinn announced an Edm Pride Centre function in January similar to Paint the Town Red but with a more collaborative, community focused theme.

– the second Seniors Centre without Walls LGBTQ2S teleconference is on Wednesday Oct 3 from 4 to 4:30. All members of EPSG are welcome to participate. Call 1.866.279.1594 at 4pm and enter passcode 381232# or to Speak with Programming Staff: 780.395.2626. Heather Droin is the moderator.

Next Meeting – 4:30 Nov 5/18

Next Next Meeting – 4:30 Dec 3/18

Notes prepared by Jan Schmitz