October 21, 2015

LGBTT Seniors Housing Notes at SAGE – October 21, 2015

Attendees: Dave Gilbert, Michael Phair, Jan Schmitz, Alvin Schrader, Robert Smith, Mickey Wilson,

Regrets: Alexis Hillyard, Julian Daly, Larry Jewell, Thais McKee, Eric Story

  1. Welcome.
  1. Notes from Sep 9 – no changes.
  2. Information

– Ottawa Survey – tabled till next meeting

– National Conference – Michael submitted a proposal with Eric, Thaya and Michael as presenters.  The Capital Care conference will be Mar 10 and 11, 2016

– Policy on Dementia – AB Health – Michael presented input on updating the current policy drafted in 2002 and will be involved in the future action plan.  Three major areas were identified.  The policy hopes to be completed by the end of November and may require ministerial consent.  Mid-January is targeted for future work on the action plan.

  1. Marginalized group- Dave advised that the group met on Sept 29. They are still trying to find a poster supplier. The committee reviewed: social media exposure and can piggy back on the Pride Centre website, a variety of information such as survey links etc.  Dave will review the survey for question extraction.  The committee wants to filter information by section if a link is used.  They are also looking at informal opportunities such as coffee meetings, cultural diners, church gatherings etc.  Marylyn Hooper will be available to help with committee work in the start of the new year.
  2. Education Training Project –

Jan reported that Kristy advised that things are going well and she is a bit behind schedule. She will have more time set aside in November to catch up.  She is working on the resources based on some of the key documents developed for Toronto.  She has had some success in reaching out to people with experience in senior’s orgs but is keeping that time allotment low (as the group suggested).  Kristy sends her regards to the group.

The group says carry on Kristy. Jan and Eric are to determine if Kristy should present to the group or not at the next meeting.

  1. Housing – The group discussed permanent housing possibilities for folk after they stay in their home as long as possible.

– Purchase – $1-2 Million for a 12 – 15 unit building

– Edmonton Inner City Housing Society (EICHS) – potential to partner if a guarantee keeping the place full.

– Private Building – have people invest in a building.  Non Profit organization. Geared toward care.  Residents would pay for this.  Ashbourn model.  Residents would pay a determined amount and live there for their lifetime.

– Existing facility – work with a multiple wing or building facility or build a new wing. Hope that Kristy can weed out those buildings.

– Transitional place – residents can make the move before they have to. Develop relationships with others.  Eventually the community starts taking care of itself.

– Have a model that can be taken over by some other future group/organization. A huge task to build it, run it and it is forever.

Alvin will investigate GLBTQ housing that exists elsewhere in Canada and will specifically meet with the 519 Centre in Toronto when he is in Toronto in the next couple of weeks.

Robert will put together some models.

Michael will inquire about airport lands.

  1. Other – nil
  2. Next Meeting – Wednesday November 25, 4:30pm at SAGE.

Notes prepared by Jan Schmitz