October 28, 2013

GBLTT Seniors Housing at SAGE                                October 28 2013 


  • Welcome to Julian Daly and David Yuschco
2. UpdatesOutcome
Mission StatementA work in progress
York U senior services resultsHealth Care Access Project done in two stages 1) LGBTQ community members receive health cares services 2) Providers of services. The survey creator is out of the country until end of November. Eric will follow up.  They completed a survey about people receiving care in the Toronto region…a multi prong snowball approach to reach anyone they could.
Local Seniors Centre PoliciesEric polled three centers for their policies. Greater Edmonton, Norwood and ???.  No information was available.  Anticipate that either there were no policies or people were too embarrassed to share
Ottawa Senior Pride




Ottawa Senior Pride Network funded by United Way to promote services.  The focus is on one centre to combine both service perspective and community perspective. Three programs – Seniors Helping Seniors, Social Spaces and End of Life Care. Larry has written for more information.
3. Affiliations 
Pride CentreSherry is trying to make contact
WomanspaceNew board in place Oct 17.  Initial contact email sent. Jan to follow up.
SageMichael has met with the Executive Director.  Sage has done this type of arrangement in the past with Sage acting as the funding agency.  Sage board approval not required. A Memorandum of Understanding is not required unless we desire it.
4. Needs Assessment 
TemplateSherry created and distributed a template for the funding application.
EssayEric distributed two excerpts from papers on 1) Service to Gay Males and 2) Peer Bullying by the Elderly
 Julian will explore international options.
 Jerry will follow up on World Pride Conference in Toronto in 2014
Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council:Funded by the City to pull together and coordinate other various senior’s options.  Focusing on the gaps in service.


Sub committees with money have been formed.  Looking for applications from groups moving in new directions.  Sounds positive for our needs assessment initiative.  May be a $20K cap. Meeting next week. Michael will follow up with detail.

 Greater Edmonton Seniors may be another option, as well as United Way who funded the Ottawa group.
  1. General Discussion:
  • Drafts of funding application to be sent to Sherry by Monday Nov 18 for master editing.
  • Scope of target group very large eg: colour, deaf, poverty, homeless, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. Our mission statement is very broad.
  • Focus on smaller scope at the beginning, what the funding will allow.
  • Aging issues rather than medical issues.
  • Strength based approach.
  • Options would be desirable
  • Little house parties for survey work have worked in the past.
Mission Statement: to be revised based on discussionMichael 
York U – obtain survey information when author returns from vacationEric 
Ottawa Senior Pride Network – continue to pursue further informationLarry 
Explore international optionsJulian 
World Pride Conference in Toronto in 2014Jerry 
Pride Centre potential affiliationSherry 
Womonspace potential affiliationSherry/Jan 
Prepare notes from meetingJan 
Prepare group contact listSherry 
Draft Budget Section of funding application by Nov 18.Julian 
Draft Background Section of funding application by Nov 18 (if possible).Eric/Thaya 
Draft Introduction Section of funding application by Nov 18.Larry 
Draft Description of Project Section of funding application by Nov 18.Michael 
Master Edit the funding application for review at next meetingSherry 
  • Next Meeting    November 25, 2013 (Monday). – Larry sends regrets.

Notes prepared by Sherry McKibben