October 7, 2019

Edmonton Pride Seniors Group Notes at SAGE – October 7, 2019

Attendees: Larry Jewell, Blair MacKinnon, Thais McKee, D J Murray, Michael Phair, Jan Schmitz, Colin Simpson, Michelle Smook, John Toogood.

Regrets: Dave Gilbert, Sydney Goss (on leave), Tammy Horne, James Lavoy, Alvin Schrader, Robert Smith, Eric Storey, Laurie Winder, Alex McNally.

1. Welcome and Introductions – Welcome to J D Murray. They/Them are the new Senior Outreach Coordinatior at the Edmonton Pride Centre.

2. Strategic Planning – Following up on the suggestion from last meeting, the strategic planning is best left until the completion of the housing phase 2 project.

3. Housing Phase 2 Update – The focus group meeting on Oct 3 was rescheduled due to poor attendance. The next focus group meeting will be moved to Saturday Oct 26 from 10 till noon at Communitas offices.

Michael reported that he and Robert met with Julian Mann, the ED of Arts Habitant. They have a residence for working/living artists on 118 Ave and are close to building their second location next year. The land they have acquired on 102 Ave between 97 st and 96 st is large enough for an additional building. The landowner is assisting with the development of the Artists residents. It is similar to the Seniors Pride housing proposal as it is 52ish units including artists work space, some public facilities. They are getting support from the City to develop in the Quarters. Discussion will continue for a possible partnership.

4. Tri City Project –

– Update – Michelle reported that a debriefing was held with Ann Goldblatt on Sept 18. The group is excited to have J D join. Thais and Michelle are heading to Saskatoon on Nov 1 for the first tri city group in person meeting.

– Blair discussed the teleconference with Michelle Ranville, Manager Community Services Winnipeg on Sept 19/19 – See attached detailed notes.

– Connecting Edmonton Senior Event – Thais discussed that Glynis is hoping to get a grad student and has someone in mind. She also discussed the Connecting Edmonton Seniors Program which has 38 organizations meeting to analyse the data collected through Pegasus. The next meeting is on Wednesday. See attached Illustration for Stewardship Roundtable Discussion.

EPSG, the Ashbourn and Connecting Edmonton Seniors is hosting a Conversation Café on Oct 19 from 11:45 to 2:30pm at the Ashbourne 11148 84 Ave. See attached poster and bring a friend.

The members discussed including the report with the Tri City Project results, focusing on the partnership brings quicker results, when other members are seconded to a project a synergy starts to happen. Thais is pursuing advertising on the Edmonton transit gay bus.

– Staffing – Michael advised that a contract has been created and is being reviewed for the Pride Centre Seniors Outreach Coordinator to work with the Tri City Project.

– J D introduced themselves and outlined the role of the Seniors Outreach Coordinator. See attached Suggestions for Program Timeline for Pride Centre Seniors Outreach Coordinator.

– Jan discussed the epsg.ca website and the password protected members only section will have much of the EPSG research to date. epsgmembers will give access to this members only area.

5. “Seniors Without Walls” – Larry advised that Michelle has prepared a document that details an assessment of what we have and what we need to do. See attached SCWW Program. Join in on the first and third Wednesdays of the month. Instructions are included on the attached SCWW poster. Seniors Without Walls will now be included under the Tri City Project.

6. EGALE – Alvin reported through an email that Egale’s next meeting is not until later October so there’s nothing new to report.

7. Edmonton Senior Coordinating Council Podcasts – Michael is being interviewed with the City of Edmonton Poet Laurette to create a podcast. Dates to be announced. Larry is doing a podcast on Oct 23/19

8. Other – Colin spoke with a transgender male who said thank you to your generation for what you have done in the past.

Next Meeting – 4:30 Nov 4, 2019

Next Next Meeting – 4:30 December 2, 2019 –

Notes prepared by Jan Schmitz


Aging with Pride Program Requirements

Pride Centre Seniors Outreach Suggestions

Aging With Pride Poster

Senior Centre Without Walls Teleconference Notes

Illustration for Stewardship Roundtable Discussion