September 11, 2017

Edmonton Pride Seniors Group Notes at SAGE – Sep 11, 2017

Attendees: Larry Jewell, Michael Phair, Jan Schmitz, Alvin Schrader, Robert Smith, Eric Story.

Regrets: Dave Gilbert, Sydney Goss (on leave), Tammy Horne, Blair MacKinnon, Thais McKee, Stephen Quinn

  1. Welcome. Eric will bring Lori Winder (ED of Ashburn) to the October meeting.
  1. Intergenerational Conversations – Ann Goldblatt’s report should be finalized by the October meeting and will include recommendations in the final notes.
  1. Community Care Coordinated Council – Alvin, Larry and Michael attended and spoke to the Council on Sept 8, 2017. It was a good positive meeting and alot of good questions were asked. See attached Continuing Care Collaborative (CCC) Committee Agenda, CCC talking points, and the CCC one pager provided by Alvin.

Alvin received an invitation from Alberta Health Services announcing the launch of a new Seniors and Continuing Care Provincial Advisory Council. Jan won the arm wrestling and will submit her application on behalf of the Edmonton Pride Seniors Group.  Her blonde wig will be transferable to other group members when she is not available for which there was much excitement from the group. The informational email is attached.

  1. Housing Feasibility Study – Waiting arrival of the funding before entering into a contract with Lynn Hanley.
  1. Learning Module – Eric handed out the updated module previously distributed by email. No feedback was received to date. Members are to review the attached updated module and provide comments (if any) to Eric.

Next steps – Hire an Education specialist to do a train the trainer. Dr. Andre Grace (ISMIS) may have a grad student.  Michael will follow up. Eric will provide materials on an USB stick.

Video – Ingrid will support the creation of two short videos. Owen would film. Members are to start thinking of what points we want to make in the video. This makes more sense to create a better video rather than find one that fits. Members suggested: tie the video into the slides, find the actors, and don’t focus on problems, importance of creating the script for the actors.  Filming is targeted for November 2017

All the bills that have been submitted for the learning module project have been paid.

  1. Website/email address for your group –Someone needs to volunteer to get this done. There may be a little money available. Webpage doesn’t need to be elaborate. Could include committee minutes, survey, reports going to committee, q & a fact sheet…where do I go if I need…for GLBT people, also if looking at a facility, what questions should I ask. May get funding from Edmonton Community Foundation to pay a professional to create it.  We can use an amateur to Info@ email should be checked once a day.

Website will require 1) domain registration, 2) server space, and 3) firewall.  Some restriction to certain information such as minutes is required.  We will need to protect ourselves.  Robert will approach Craig.  The application must come from SAGE.  Michael will let Karen know. A subcommittee to create the webpage will be formed.  Eric is interested.  Hard copies of our materials must be available for those who are uncomfortable with on line.

  1. Updates

MP Randy Boissonnault – Meeting dates did not work.  New date to be announced. It is important to let him know what we are up to.  If an apology is given it needs to mean something for older LGBT. Eg. good and moral character was a requirement for med school in the 60’s

GEF – Michael wrote to say he is interested in working with them to make it affirming. There was a casual meeting with the board member.  She will follow up with Raymond. We continue to monitor and are ready to provide assistance for staff training.

Calgary – This project is on hold until Calgary takes the initiative.

MAIA SENIORS PROJECT – Calgary Outlink This project aims to pair resilient LGBTQ people with LGBTQ seniors. This group purports to do the work but there is no evidence of it being done.

Provincial Conference Care Models –Blair advised by email that he would like to attend.

  1. Other

Ashburn  – Lori Siegurdson and Ashburn management meet August 31/17 to discuss next steps.

Suggest that the minister needs to say something similar to education minister’s statement – No student should be subjected to bullying in a facility.  Lori didn’t make a commitment to say no senior should be subjected to bullying in a facility.  Leadership needs to come from the minister level.

Seniors Advocate – Michael is unavailable to attend the Sept 28 meeting.  Robert and Jan will attend with Alvin.

Link to the intergen photos – Jan advised that the link that we received has expired.  She will follow up with Jennifer to get proper access.

Edmonton Film Festival – September 30 – Older that What?  See attached.

Next Meeting – NEXT MEETINGS

Monday Oct. 23 at SAGE at 4:30. Robert sends his regrets.

Monday November 27

Monday January 8, 2018

Notes prepared by Jan Schmitz

Film Festival Older Than What