September 25, 2013

GBLTT Seniors Housing at SAGE                                 September 25 2013 


  • Follow up
What Outcome
Research what is happening in other places around the issue of GBLTT seniors services and housing. Material presented: needs identified but not solutions.  Some private facilities (Toronto, Ottawa)

San Diego Study (286 men; 124 women): needs but not solutions, lack of support (54% single), financial concerns, lack of safe affordable housing.

Chicago Study (34 men; 15 women, 1 transgendered): 62% single, wanted to age in place.

Note: in both these studies most individuals were low income or $160,000+ annually with little middle income individuals.

Toronto: York University did research, heterosexism is assumed in senior housing, GBLTT hidden population.

Explore the possibility for project money through ‘Age Friendly Edmonton’ or… …for needs assessment. ESCC currently developing guidelines aimed at non-traditional groups.  Our project would fit.  Likely for next fiscal year.
Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council: how do we fit Not a direct fit but could help with data gathering thought the centres.
Provide committee with information from Toronto Emailed out previously
Gather information about  the number of GBLTT Seniors in Edmonton Using 2011 Census data, range of 5 to 10% of Edmonton population:

1. 65-69: 2100 to 4500

2. 70-79 3000-6000

3. 80+ 1900-3800

GBLT less connected than general populations

75% live alone versus 33% of general pop

90% without children versus 20 %

80% age without supports versus 40%

(US figures)

Contact Brian Parker to affirm participation Would be willing to participate at a later stage as the group develops and delivers informational/educational programs.


  • Status of group: after some discuss it was agreed that at this time we would work through a “Memorandum of Understanding” (MOU) with SAGE rather than create a new organization.  Further that we would seek affiliation with both the Pride Centre and Womonspace (Sherry to contact and discuss)


  • Next Steps/Action Items Carried Forward and New:

General Discussion:

  • We will need to start small
  • Different generations will have different experiences – older individuals very closeted and difficult to identify. Solid numbers will be hard to establish.
  • Any educational presentation will need to be carefully structured and delivered by a GBLTT senior
  • There is no women seniors group in Edmonton (unlike Prime Timers). Do we need to assist in the development of one?
  • Other potential contacts and affiliates: Gerontology Association, Primary Care Networks (physicians) and the Gender Identity Clinic at Grey Nuns.
Develop Mission Statement: to be revised based on discussion Michael
York University Survey – get results Eric
Gather policy information from Seniors Housing organizations with particular reference to GEF and Norwood Seniors Housing and St Jochims and Ashborn. Eric
Prepare notes from meeting Sherry
Contact and discuss potential affiliation: the Pride Centre and Womonspace Sherry
Discuss the potential for MOU with SAGE Michael
Invite Julian from Boyle St. to participate Michael
Begin to develop a document to apply for funding: develop template. Sherry
Write ‘essay’ on difficulty of locating GBLTT individuals for purposes of needs assessment. Eric.
  • Next Meeting   October 28, 2013 (Monday) Note this is a revised date.

Notes prepared by Sherry McKibben